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Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants

From retro-fabulous macrame baskets filled with cascading, trailing vines to indoor wall trellises covered with trailing succulents, hanging plants are having a moment, and it's not hard to see why. Indoor hanging plants around the home is a fantastic way to take your houseplant game to the next level (literally), save on space, and display trailing plants to their best advantage....

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Pothos 'Green' 4"Pothos 'Green' 4"

Pothos 'Green'

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Hoya 'Rope' 3"Hoya 'Rope' 3"

Hoya 'Rope'

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Pothos Variety Bundle 4"

Pothos Variety Bundle

Oyster PlantOyster Plant1

Oyster Plant

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Here at Bloombox Club, we think you should take advantage of every inch of potential plant growing capacity. That’s why we’ve got a fantastic selection of diverse and quirky hanging plants to suit every hook, rod, or curtain rail. Size up your ceiling and raise your indoor jungle to new heights! 

Why Choose a Hanging House Plant

Trailing hanging plants are a great way to create visual interest at all levels of your interior space. This is an excellent way to mimic the natural world in your home, as any walk in nature will show you plants growing at different heights. Some indoor plants just look better when hanging, giving them a chance to display all that lush cascading foliage and more room to grow. Plus, it's a fantastic space-saving solution for smaller homes or if you’ve simply filled up all other available surface areas with the rest of your houseplant family. 

How to Hang Plants Indoors

All of the indoor hanging plants in our collection come readily equipped with hangers so you can pop them in the ideal aerial location straight away. Simply choose a handy hook, rail, rod, or magnet, make sure it’s strong enough to bear the weight of your plant pal, and you’re good to go. Plus, we have a gorgeous range of boho macrame hangers and contemporary hanging pots to get your decorative game on point!

The Best Hanging House Plants

The best hanging plants are those that appreciate having vertical space to flourish. We’ve created a collection of Bloombox Club favorites, perfect for adding some trailing charm to any interior. Although artificial hanging plants are increasingly popular, we think there’s nothing like watching the real thing start to grow organically. Here are a few of our favorites:

String of Hearts

Graceful, delicate, and easy to care for, this plant is characterized by cascading fast-growing stems covered with beautiful, trailing heart-shaped leaves. It comes in a biodegradable coconut fiber bowl with a matching ready-to-hang rope basket and looks fantastic indoors.

Golden Pothos

Easy-going, fast-growing, and virtually unkillable (which we need during our cold UK winters), pothos plants trail artfully from any hanging basket or high surface, with glossy green leaves with bright splashes of yellow. Plus, it’s an efficient air purifier, helping to make your home a cleaner, healthier environment.

Rabbits Foot Fern

For those who prefer something bolder, this unusual trailing fern makes a fantastic indoor centerpiece for a blank wall. With delicate fronds and unique furry rhizomes, hanging this fern will display it to its full advantage, allowing for a beautiful drapery effect. 

For even more quirky hanging basket plants and house plants of all shapes and sizes, check out the rest of our carefully chosen Hanging Plant Collection.


How should I water my hanging plants?

One of the few challenges you might face in caring for your hovering plants is how to water them. Hanging houseplants can be tricky to reach, and if your planter or hanging basket has holes in it, then you may end up with a puddle on the carpet. Here are a few top tips for watering.

  • Place your hanging plants in a pot within a pot - one planter and one completely sealed decorative hanging basket. This way, you can easily remove the plant, water it in the sink, and leave it to drain for 15 minutes before returning it to the hanger. 
  • Attach a tray beneath your hanging plant to catch any drips. With this method, you can water your plant in situ without fear of ruining the carpets. Make sure you choose a large enough drip tray to prevent spillages. 
  • Place your plants in easy-reach locations. There’s no point in hanging plants if it will be too much effort to water them as they won’t last long. Make sure you hang your plants in places you can reach.

How can I hang plants indoors without making holes in the ceiling?

There are plenty of options for indoor hanging plants before you need to start making holes in the ceiling. Here are a few of our top suggestions for suspending greenery without getting the drill out. 

  • Lean an old wooden ladder against the wall and hang plants from the rungs - instant instagrammable charm. 
  • Hang plants on existing rails, rods or hooks - think curtain rails, shower rails, coat hooks, etc.
  • Hang plants from your old-fashioned clothes pulley (as long as you have somewhere else to dry your laundry!).
  • For lightweight plants, use vertical planters that can be suctioned to the window
  • Build an indoor trellis - okay, this one might take a bit of DIY, but indoor wall planters are becoming super popular, providing plenty of space to hang up a whole jungle while freeing up your floor space for furniture. 
  • Use removable adhesive hooks.