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Office Plants

Office Plants

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ZZ Plant

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Calathea 'White Fusion'

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Dracaena 'Tornado'

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Whether you're working from home or returning to the office - we've got plants to get you back on track! The plants in this collection have been chosen because they're easy to care for and scientifically proven to help you focus. If you scroll down, we'll share the main benefits of having office plants, and we'll give you some ideas for which ones are the best plants for you.

The Best Desk Plants

More and more scientific literature is saying that adding greenery to your workplace can improve productivity. We've put together this edit of plants to help you create a restorative environment in your workplace - whether that’s a traditional office, your kitchen table, or a nook in your bedroom. These plants are great at focusing your mind whilst being low maintenance.

Cupboards With Indirect Light

Caring for a plant and seeing it flourish can make us more confident, thus feeling more in control of our lives. Better self-belief is also an excellent asset for work, no matter whether it's conscious or subconscious. To reap those benefits quicker, check out one of our fast growers: the Pothos N'Joy. In a spot with lots of indirect light, it will spread its vines in no time.

Research says that plants with fractal patterns of a particular dimensional range can restore your attention span. Natural fractals activate alpha brainwaves associated with a relaxed and restorative state of mind (alpha brainwave activity is also associated with mediation). In turn, this can reduce the overstimulation we experience from blue screen tech. One plant with fractal patterns is the Calathea Never Never. It has fish bone-like markings on its leaves that can trigger this positive response in your brain and give your grey cells a short break in a busy workday.

Adding plants to your office can also help you improve the air quality of your environment. The Ficus plant family is a particularly skilled air purifier. Most Ficus have beautiful, lush green foliage with an ornamental look. It's native to Asia and Australia, where they get higher humidity and temperatures than we do, but it's surprisingly easy to look after!

Bright, Sunny Spot on a Windowsill

If you've got a desk by a window, then you probably have a few spots that indoor plants will thrive in. Plants that are used to full sun, like the Aloe, will appreciate being placed in a spot with ample natural light on your desk.

Office Plants for Low Light Environments

One of the everlasting plants in this edit is the Emerald Palm, also called the ZZ plant. That is probably one of the main reasons it's such a popular plant. It's a very versatile green companion that can cope with most light levels. As the Emerald Palm is a hardy plant, it should be fine even if it doesn’t get too much full sun. Just remember to water it less than you usually would.

Why It's Worth Adding Plants to Your Office

Most offices are far removed from the wild habitats humans are adapted to. Fraught with blue light sources and sterile materials, offices tend to drain our concentration and focus. The good news is, plants are known to counteract this. Research shows that plants can make you more efficient and productive in a working environment, so it’s worth adding a plant or two to your workspace to give yourself some extra headspace.

Most of us are aware that nature has a positive effect on us, but few of us know why that is. One theory is that plants, and nature more broadly, signify a healthy and flourishing environment. For our ancestors, this would have meant that there should be ample food sources in the area. Our bodies haven’t changed much since then, and we’re still flooded with feel-good chemicals when in the presence of nature. Psychologists suggest that a combination of lower stress levels, and reduced pressure on our cognitive capabilities, explain why we get a creativity and productivity boost when we're surrounded by plant life!

Plants for Cleaning the Air

As they photosynthesize, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen through tiny pores on their green leaves. During this process, plants also remove toxins that linger around in your office or home. This keeps them out of your lungs and improves the air quality around you. Particularly plants with a lot of foliage, like the Snake Plant Zeylanica, are good at this since they have plenty of tiny pores.

Plants also improve the air quality in your office by acting as a natural humidifier by releasing water vapor. Doing so can help you maintain better levels of concentration and relieve headaches. This is especially true when it comes to plants from the tropics, like the Calathea Orbifolia, which are great humidity boosters. During winters, these Calatheas are handy companions who can help with dry skin and dry airways.