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Fern 'Jester's Crown'

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Jester’s Crown Fern is an ancient plant native to the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea. Ferns are thought to be one of the oldest plants on earth. Its dense, dark green fronds will accent any surface. It gained a lot of names because of the interesting shape of its foliage. Depending on the region, this plant can be referred to as Boston Fern, Subject Jester’s Crown, or Sword Fern.

Grow Pot Size: 4” and 6”
Overall Height Including Grow Pot: 10-20” depending on the grow pot size.
Plant Care Level: Easy

Key Benefits 

Aside from making your home cozier, these plants also filter the air and dust, which is great for people with allergies and respiratory problems. Jester's Crown Fern also improves the oxygen content of the air, making them the perfect indoor plants.

Fern ‘Jester's Crown’ Care tips

  • Binomial Name: Nephrolepis exaltata
  • Common Names: Sunjets ‘Jester’s Crown’, Sword Fern
  • Indirect medium or part shade lighting is preferred. Harsh direct sunlight will cause burning. 
  • Ferns prefer that their soil be kept evenly moist. Rather than dry or sopping wet. 
  • Mist in the mornings to increase the fern's relative humidity. And keep the fronds looking fresh!

The Fern ‘Jester's Crown’ Story

Where is it from?
‘Jester’s Crown’ or Sword Ferns are native to Australia and New Guinea. However, different types of sword ferns can even be found in the Pacific Northwest of North America. 

Who is the Fern ‘Jester's Crown’? 
The ‘Jester’s Crown’ Fern is easy to care for and a rewarding plant to have at home. Not only do they look great but they are proficient growers and can really boost the look of your home. They grow large sword-shaped fronds upright out of their center that will gently arc over.  

Good For You!
Breath? This fern is a strong natural air purifier!

Is the Fern ‘Jester's Crown’ the right plant for me?

Ferns in general need higher humidity levels in order to be happy, and the ‘Jester's Crown’ is no different. They typically can be found growing in tree canopies, branches, or along the bottom of the forest floor. This close proximity protects them from direct sunlight and allows them to capitalize on the moisture build-up from the ground or trees. 

If you can commit to checking your fern's soil every 5 to 7 days Then you should have no problem encouraging healthy growth.

Pet Friendly: Yes! This plant is safe to have at home. Be mindful that some cats can’t seem to keep from playing with the cascading fronds! 

Location Suggestions: We suggest keeping this plant in areas of your home that have higher humidity. Smaller rooms like an office! Or in the bathroom or kitchen where there is ample moisture in the air! 

    Care Instructions


    Indirect Medium-light - Part Shade


    Keep the soil slightly moist. Water thoroughly and drain any excess water.


    This can be done every 12-18 months. Choose a pot that is 2” larger in diameter than the original pot.


    Use a well-draining, high organic matter soil mix


    Average from 65°F to 75°F


    Follow a monthly fertilizing schedule when the plant is actively growing. In most cases, this is in the spring and summer. Use a balanced fertilizer - this means a ratio of NPK that is all the same. Ex: 10-10-10.


    Gently remove dried, browning mature leaves from the base.


    Gently remove dried, browning mature leaves from the base.

    General Information About Your Plant


    Australia and New Guinea


    Dense, dark green fronds


    Non-toxic. Always keep plants out of reach of pets and children.

    Price Match Guarantee:

    If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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    On orders over $85.

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    Erica C.
    United States United States


    I'm new to indoor plants so I was excited for this. It was extremely well packaged and arrived on time. I can't wait to see how big and beautiful it gets.


    BloomBoxClub USA

    Hi Erica, Thanks for your beautiful 5-star review. We are so happy you are pleased with your plants and our service. Best, Juan BBX USA

    United States United States

    Well maintained plants

    I liked how the plants looked and packed.They were healthy though tiny.


    BloomBoxClub USA

    Hi Mylaram, We're so pumped to hear that you're loving your new plants! Thanks so much for the positive feedback. In health, Kelly Bloombox Club USA