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Medium Plants

Medium Plants

Houseplants improve your health and wellbeing whilst also bringing natural beauty into your home. Just a few medium-sized plants can bring an otherwise neutral space to life, with pops of color and living, breathing organisms. The plants in this collection come in growing pots with diameters of 6”. Whether you are looking for some hanging plants or a gorgeous evergreen plant,...

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ZZ 3"ZZ 4"

ZZ Plant

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Ponytail Palm 2"Ponytail Palm 3"

Ponytail Palm

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Parlor Palm 2"Parlor Palm 2"

Parlor Palm

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Hoya 'Rope' 3"Hoya 'Rope' 3"

Hoya 'Rope'

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Areca Palm 4"Areca Palm 4"

Areca Palm

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there should be a suitable plant for your (or your friend’s?) home.

Choosing the Right Plant for You

When you’re looking to green up your home, think about the environment of each room in your house. Aim to match the amount of sunlight and temperature of each room to your favorite plants, but don’t get overly hung up on it: plant care isn’t rocket science! To help you build your collection, we’ve created these collections based on plant size.

A Sunny Spot by the Window

For all those who have the luxury of a garden or a spot for a plant by a beautiful window, some special plants are in the running for this spot. Only certain plants thrive with direct sunlight, and the Bird of Paradise is one of them. Bring a jungle atmosphere into your home with its deep green leaves. When it gets warm in spring and summer, feel free to have it outdoors. With the right care, this tree will last you a lifetime (or even longer!).

Lots of Indirect Sunlight

If you have a spot with bright but indirect light, then you have lots of medium plants to choose from. All plants need light to live but few handle direct sunlight well. If you are looking for an eye-catching specimen, then you should consider this Pineapple Plant. This tropical cutie comes with a small fruit already. Be sure to have amazed visitors when they see you’re growing your very own pineapple.

Another idea for bringing more greenery into your home could be through hanging plants. Whether on your coat hanger or directly on the wall, these plants will add an exotic flair to your home. We deliver many of them in hanging pots already, so they’re ready to be put up as soon as they arrive.

Ideal for More Humid Rooms, Like Your Bathroom

Humidity is the ideal environment for plants originating from tropical forests. Especially epiphytes, which usually grow on the side of trees under the rainforest canopy, thrive in rooms that get steamy from time to time. The Blue Star Fern is a classic example of an epiphytic plant. Unlike your typical fern, it has curled, blue-green fronds that will bring a touch of the tropics to your home.

Super Easy to Care for Plants

Are you looking for a plant that does not require a lot of maintenance? Whether you’re away from home a lot or you’re at the start of your plant collection: there are some great medium plants you should look at. ZZ plants, also known as Emerald Palm, are very versatile and sturdy. They even tolerate low light conditions. If that’s the case, make sure to also water the plant less frequently.

Another easy to care for plant family are succulents. A proud family member is the gorgeous Panda Plant, which thrives in a warm spot with medium light. These plants store water in their velvet leaves making them durable for draughts. So if you leave the soil to dry out between waterings (by accident or on purpose), it will thank you for it.

Plant Care Eventually Becomes Self-Care

Indoor plants make a great addition to your home. Full stop. However, they are much more than just a beautiful addition to your décor. They are super beneficial for your health and wellbeing which gives people all the more reason to fall in love with having plants. And you’ll find that there is a growing body of research that shows the benefits plant care has on mental and physical health.

Support for Your Respiratory System

Plants have tiny pores which are an essential part of photosynthesis. They are what the plant ‘breathes’ through, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. While they’re breathing, they take in airborne toxins from the air. Certain plants, like the Calathea Orbifolia, are especially good at this and will purify the air in your home.

If you spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms, you may have experienced the drying effect of air conditioning and heating. Whether you notice it or not, it can also affect your airways. Some green wonders can help by increasing humidity levels. Particularly good at this are plants originally from tropical environments. If you take good care of them through watering and spraying, you should notice benefits in your breathing and on your skin.

If you have some beautiful plants in your home already, you’ll notice that they tend to get dusty over time. What that means for you is that these plants have collected this dust and kept it out of your lungs. Like with the air toxins and humidity, certain plants are better at trapping dust than others. Make sure to wipe them occasionally, so they can continue taking care of you!

Boost Your State of Mind

Do you feel at ease after taking care of your plants? If yes, you’re not the only one. In the fast-moving world we live in, it can be relaxing to take a moment to water or repot your houseplants. It creates a nurturing relationship that improves your well-being. And the best thing is: the greater the density and diversity of plants in your home, the more your psyche will benefit.

With all the technology that we’re surrounded by, our minds get overstimulated easily. By having plants with fractal patterns in our surroundings, our cognitive capabilities get restored. These patterns capture our attention without draining it. Instead, they improve our focus on specific tasks. How restorative a houseplant is, depends on its color and patterns.

If you have read until this point, you've seen that actively looking after your plants is a mutually beneficial relationship. As you look after your plants, they will teach you how to look after yourself (better). Creating this nurturing energy within yourself will eventually also extend to yourself. And once you see plants thriving under your care, you’ll get a boost of pride and self-confidence. And rightly so!