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Rare & Hard to Find Plants

Rare & Hard to Find Plants

Stand out from the crowd with one of our rare indoor plants! The demand for plants has never been higher. They’re a great way to spruce up your home and provide many benefits like immunity support.

At Bloombox Club, we have a massive network of plant influencers and experts, guaranteeing our position at the forefront of all plant trends! You’ll be the envy of all of your friends when they see your collection,...

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Calathea 'White Fusion' 4"Calathea 'White Fusion' 4"

Calathea 'White Fusion'

Hoya 'Rope' 3"Hoya 'Rope' 3"

Hoya 'Rope'

Starting at $16.99
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Calathea 'White Star' 4"Calathea 'White Star' 4"

Calathea 'White Star'

Alocasia 'Tiny Dancer' 4"Alocasia 'Tiny Dancer' 4"

Alocasia 'Tiny Dancer'

Snake Plant 'Cylindrica' 4"Snake Plant 'Cylindrica' 4"

Snake Plant 'Cylindrica'

Philodendron 'Dragon Tail' 4"Philodendron 'Dragon Tail' 4"

Philodendron 'Dragon Tail'

Philodendron 'Silver Sword' 4"Philodendron 'Silver Sword' 4"
Alocasia 'Silver Dragon' 4"Alocasia 'Silver Dragon' 4"

Alocasia 'Silver Dragon'

Alocasia 'Mirror Face' 4"Alocasia 'Mirror Face'

Alocasia 'Mirror Face'

Monstera 'Peru' 4"Monstera 'Peru' 4"

Monstera 'Peru'

Diy Planting Kit - Japanese Black Pine Tree Bonsai 16 OZ

Diy Planting Kit

$20.99 Sold out
Ficus 'Triangularis Variegated' 6"Ficus 'Triangularis Variegated' 6"

Ficus 'Triangularis Variegated'

$42.99 Sold out
Philodendron 'Black Cardinal' 4"

Philodendron 'Black Cardinal'

$22.99 Sold out
Peperomia 'String of Turtles' 2"Peperomia 'String of Turtles'

Peperomia 'String of Turtles'

$9.99 Sold out
Alocasia 'Purple Sword' 4"Alocasia 'Purple Sword' 4"

Alocasia 'Purple Sword'

$18.99 Sold out

thanks to our horticultural heroes stocking the most sought-after rare beauties in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are rare house plants? 

Rare houseplants are those that you don’t see stocked in everyday shops like you do the Spider Plant or the Aloe Vera. 

We hand select our plants based on their quirkiness, rareness, and beauty so you can be sure that our selection is the best you can find anywhere!

How can you tell if a house plant is rare? 

Rare houseplants are identifiable from the dazzling designs on their leaves or their beautiful bold colors. 

We have searched far and wide to make sure our selection is not only the rarest but the prettiest too, basically we have done all the hard work, so all you have to do is reap the rewards.

How do you grow rare plants? 

Rare plants, just like any other, have specific water, light, and temperature needs. 

However, you don’t need to be an agricultural wizard to have the botanical boudoir of dreams. You can find all of the info you need in our plant product descriptions. We take the time to write detailed plant care guides with each product.

What are some rare indoor plants?

The Philodendron Prince of Orange; Monstera Minima; Dragon Tail; and the Monstera Peru are all examples of stunning rare indoor house plants that you’ll find stocked on our shelves!