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Bathroom Plants

Bathroom Plants

Filling your bathroom with plants is one of the easiest ways to make it not just a place you have to be, but a place you want to be. But not all houseplants love the warm, steamy conditions that a bathroom creates. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered together a selection of beautiful plants suitable for bathrooms, perfect for transforming your bathroom into your own tranquil indoor oasis. ...

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The Benefits of Bathroom Plants

The benefits of bathroom plants are many! As well as being a necessary place for your morning ablutions, your bathroom should be a calming space where you can go to destress and wash the day away - an indoor place filled with beautiful house plants!

Studies have shown that plants have powerful wellness-boosting properties, helping to lift our mood, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety levels and make us feel safe. What better place to benefit from these amazing advantages than your bathroom? Plus, why waste all that lovely humidity when you could have a bunch of plant pals luxuriating in the steam? 

Which House Plants are Suitable for Bathrooms?

Finding the right house plants for your bathroom can be tricky. They need to love humid, steamy conditions, but also be tolerant of changing temperatures. Many bathrooms also have the added factor of low light conditions to consider. 

But don’t worry, even taking into account these requirements, there are plenty of humidity-loving house plants that will be happy to make a home in your bathroom. 


Ferns can be fussy house plants when placed elsewhere in the home. But in bathrooms, they will thrive! Ferns love moisture, low light conditions and can tolerate cooler temperatures (think about the shady woodland areas where you see them in the wild).

With their trailing tendrils, ferns are also perfect hanging plants which are great for bathrooms with less surface space. If your bathroom is on the shadier side, try hanging a fern to add some vibrant, full-bodied greenery, or opt for a delicate lace fern in a sunnier spot. 

Spider Plants

Another trailing charmer, spider plants are tolerant, fast-growing, and visually striking. With adequate humidity (which your steamy bathroom will provide) and some indirect sunlight, they will produce plenty of babies or ‘spiderettes’, perfect for that jungly trailing vibe. Plus, you can separate the spiderettes and share them with your friends! 

Weeping Figs

Weeping figs thrive in humid, steamy conditions and so make the perfect bathroom plant if you’ve got a bit of extra space to fill. With some bright, indirect light and minimal draft, this elegant little tree will flourish indoors, giving your bathroom a chic, spa-like feel. Note that weeping figs may drop their leaves when they get too cold, but they are quick to recover. 

Here at Bloombox Club, we have one of the most diverse ranges of indoor plants, including all the best plants for bathrooms. Check out our Bathroom Plants selection for even more bathroom-loving botanical beauties. 

Hanging Plants in your Bathroom

Bathrooms don’t usually have a lot of surface area to put your house plants on. Yes, there might be a windowsill here or a shelf there, but if you’re really going for that steamy urban jungle feel, you might quickly run out of space. And let’s face it, plants on the side of the bathtub are just an accident waiting to happen. 

Enter: hanging house plants. Hanging plants are the perfect indoor solution to the bathroom space problem, and plus, they are a great way to create the tropical paradise look you’re after. You can even hang plants in the shower, so long as they are not being watered directly every time you turn it on. 

Grab yourself a few macrame plant hangers and lightweight plastic planters and you’re ready to go. If there aren’t many existing spots to hang things off (curtain rails, shower rods, etc.) try using heavy-duty utility hooks that adhere to tiles, or attach some ceiling hooks. 


Can I put plants in my bathroom if it doesn’t have a window? 

No, plants need light to survive. They will slowly die in a location with zero light. You could also try investing in some grow lights to give your plant pals an extra boost. 

How often do I need to water my bathroom plants? 

In general, your bathroom plants will need less regular watering than plants in other rooms. However, just like with your other indoor plants, there are plenty of ways to check in with your bathroom plants to see if they’re thirsty. Does the soil feel dry? Are the leaves crispy? If you lift up the plant, does it feel light? 

These are sure signs that your plant needs a drink. If your plant looks discolored and feels mushy or waterlogged, it has likely been overwatered and may need a pot with better drainage.