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Calathea 'Makoyana'

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Another absolute mind-boggling Calathea! The variegation alone will make you speechless for days. The leaves look almost multi-dimensional with the striped yellow-green background and large dark green ovals. 

Originally from the Brazilian tropical forests, the Calathea thrives in indirect light with no direct sun. Here’s a tip for creating the ultimate urban jungle: place Calatheas under larger plants to simulate its original environment in the Brazilian tropical rainforest. It thrives under the shade of large tropical trees. 

Grow Pot Size: 4” and 6”
Overall Height Including Grow Pot: 7-16” depending on grow pot size.
Plant Care Level: Easy to Medium

Key Benefits

The Calathea genus is pet-friendly making it the perfect addition to your home with furry friends! Calathea plants come in all unique shapes and sizes from large, round green leaves to elongated, fuzzy leaves that look like feathers.

Calathea 'Makoyana' Care Tips

  • Other Common Names: Peacock Plant
  • Binomial Name: Calathea makoyana
  • Care Level: Easy to medium
  • Light: Bright, indirect
  • Water: Keep soil moist
  • Pet Friendly: Yes
  • The Calathea 'Makoyana' Story

    Where is it from? 
    This Calathea is a tropical long-life plant from South America.

    Who is the Calathea 'Makoyana'? 
    This beautiful plant has incredibly detailed foliage as does a Peacock. The Calathea ‘Makoyana’ is also called Calathea ‘Peacock’ or Calathea 'Cathedral Window'. One look at this plant and you’ll know why.

    Good For You!
    We highly recommend Calatheas as a plant to keep in the bedroom: their peaceful leaves, oxygenating properties, and humidifying capabilities will help you drift off at night and feel refreshed in the morning! With their expansive leaves, Calatheas are excellent air purifiers.

    Is the Calathea 'Makoyana' the right plant for me?

    Calatheas have always received a reputation for high maintenance due to their need for high humidity. But we found by placing Calatheas in high humidity environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, the foliage stays in its beautiful condition. Thankfully, this plant prefers bright, indirect light with absolutely zero direct sunlight. Makes the placement options are endless. If you’re looking for a plant that can add a pop of color and pattern to your green oasis - this plant is it!

    Pet Friendly: Yes! The beautiful Calatheas are pet friendly which makes these the perfect addition to your home.

    Location Suggestions: Calatheas thrive in high humidity locations such as kitchens and bathrooms. They make great office plants with their unique colors and variegation contributing to a creative and focused mind.

    Care Instructions


    Prefers bright, indirect light with no direct sun.


    Keep soil moist, do not let it dry completely.


    This can be done every 12-18 months. Choose a pot that is 2” larger in diameter than the original pot.


    Use a well-draining, high organic matter soil mix.


    Average from 65°F - 75°F


    Follow a monthly fertilizing schedule when the plant is actively growing. In most cases, this is in the spring and summer. Use a balanced fertilizer - this means a ratio of NPK that is all the same. Ex: 10-10-10.


    Wipe the leaves every few weeks to remove debris.


    Calatheas can be sensitive to tap water. If you notice brown leaf edges, switch to rain or distilled water and ensure the environment you place your plant in is high in humidity.

    General Information About Your Plant


    From the tropical area of South America.


    Delicate multi-colored leaves rest upon a thin dark brown stem.


    Non-Toxic. Safe for pets and children!

    Price Match Guarantee:

    If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

    Free Shipping

    On orders over $85.

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    Alex H.
    United States United States

    Nicest plant I've ever bought

    The plant arrived in perfect condition and looks like a piece of art! I will definitely be buying more of this style.


    BloomBoxClub USA

    Hi Alex, Thank you so much for this awesome review! We are so stocked to hear that your plant had a safe trip to you. The Calathea Makoyana is definitely beautiful, those vibrant green colors and shapes are definitely a nature's piece of art! We hope that you will keep enjoying our green variety and grow your little jungle at home. Thanks for choosing Bloombox! Joselyn