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Small Pots

Small Pots

Tomi Hanging Pot 4"Tomi Hanging Pot 4"

Tomi Hanging Pot

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Azteca Planter Collection

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Plant pots are just as important as the plant itself. Without it, your plant can’t survive. While it is crucial to choose an appropriate pot size for your plant, we have to admit that aesthetics come into play, too - especially with indoor plants.

Forget boring plastic pots, it’s time to treat your plant to something a bit fancier. Here at Bloombox Club, we offer a great selection of small plant pots for plants ranging between 4” and 5” in diameter. Available in a range of styles and materials, from ceramic to woven baskets, there’s something for every taste for both indoor and outdoor plants.

The Different Types of Indoor and Outdoor Plant Pot

We sell a wide range of plant pots suitable for smaller plants. Here is some information to help you decide which plant pot to go for. 

Ceramic Pots 

Ceramic pots are probably the most popular plant pots out there. Most of our ceramic pots are dipped in a glaze and fired to give them a shiny appearance. The firing process also gives each pot a completely unique texture and style!


Fancy something with more of a rustic, natural vibe? Something to add a bit of character to your indoor space? Then we recommend choosing a basket pot. Our baskets are lined with PVC to protect your pot against soil and water damage, so no need to worry! However, we do always recommend removing your plant from its decorative pot when watering in order to prevent it from becoming waterlogged. 

Square Pots

Check out our square pots if you’re after something a bit more unique. Square pots fit in perfectly with modern, industrial indoor styles.

Hanging Pots 

Hanging pots are a great alternative to the classic plant pot. You can hang them just about anywhere, and they’re perfect for trailing plants! The Tomi Hanging Pot is extremely versatile and works well with colored foliage. Or, if you fancy a more chic, boho indoor style, why not try out our Macramè Plant Hanger? 


How Do I Choose The Correct Pot Size?

Choosing the correct plant pot may seem trivial, but it is actually extremely important. While we admit that aesthetics are important, you need to make sure that your plant is comfortable in its new home! Here are some tips to help you find the correct pot size for your plant. 

You want to choose a plant pot that is slightly larger than your plant’s growing pot size (this is the plastic pot that your plant comes in).

While we do recommend keeping your plant in its growing pot, you can also repot it directly into your decorative pot. However, you should bear in mind that most decorative pots do not have drainage holes, so make sure that your indoor plant isn’t sitting in water!

Cleaning Your Plant Pot: Top Tips 

It is normal for your plant pot to get a bit grubby over time. In most cases, you can simply wipe your pot with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and soil. If you fancy a deeper clean, simply remove the growing pot and give your decorative pot a good wipe down with a cloth and some warm soapy water. 

Make sure that you allow your pot to completely dry out before popping your plant back in. If you are using a basket pot, you might consider removing your plant and giving the pot a good shake to get rid of any soil sitting at the bottom.